Residents and business owners use a variety of hot water systems across Alice Springs.

This can be because the system came with the property when bought, or due to a particular area’s connectivity.

Some systems are gas powered, others use electricity.

Quite often, people just use their system to the best of its ability, even if it’s not working as it should.

As fitters of various types of hot water system in Alice Springs people use, we know when yours isn’t working properly.

Clear Signs

Efficient hot water systems should work very quickly. You shouldn’t have to stand shivering in the shower while your heater gets its act together.

It may sound obvious, but one sure way to spot a problem is if there isn’t much hot water.

For some older systems, water just never gets beyond a certain temperature.

Cloudy or smelly water is another give-away. Water should be clear, whether it’s hot or cold. It should also heat up when you want it to.

Both of these problems can be caused by the same thing; mineral build up.

In many hot water systems, a tank is used. As water is heated within this tank, minerals separate out and fall to the bottom.

This mineral solution is harder to heat up than clear water. The heating element, whether gas or electric, will need to work harder.

Eventually, it won’t be able to work hard enough. This means you are wasting money on energy bills, as well as having an unreliable heater.

As soon as you notice a problem with temperature, or cloudiness in the water, it’s time to do take action.

Other Warnings

There are other signs of a failing hot water system Alice Springs residents and businesses notice.

Creaking, popping and or rumbling noises are some of these. Again, these can be caused by mineral build-up.

Sediment caused by heavy rains can affect the local water supply, so this is not uncommon in New South Wales.

Noises created in water heaters are caused by pockets of air in the sediment.

While the water heats up, the air does too. This makes it expand and try to rise.

Eventually, it escapes the sediment and bubbles up through your water. Continued popping and rumbling is a sign that your heater should be replaced.

Other obvious signs include leaking valves and pipes. Over time, fractures appear in various places throughout hot water systems.

This is due to the constant expansion and contraction caused by everyday use. Repairs are possible, but often a replacement system is the best option. New heaters are becoming more efficient all the time.

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